Poultry Records with FarmIT

The FarmIT 3000 Poultry recording system is designed to meet the requirements of the modern poultry unit for meat or egg production. The system is based around the flock record for a house of birds, allowing recording of setup, monitoring and dispersal. The recording of numbers of birds in the flock, deaths, feed, medicines, water and house temperature etc. You may also record bird weights and egg collection.

Researched and designed hand in hand with our existing poultry customers the poultry system provides instant access for the required records for Organic, Farm Assurance and inspecting bodies.

Graphical reporting allows the monitoring and analysis of flock size and health and egg production.

There is also a poultry section built into FarmIT Mobile allowing you to record your data whilst in the poultry shed on your windows mobile device, hand held PDA or Psion workabout pro.