Optional Modules for Pigs Deer and Diary

There are modules available for the management of pigs, deer and dairy animals. These modules cost just 75 (+ VAT) each and integrate totally with the main FarmIT programme. You can update your programme at any time to run these additional modules.


The dairy module applies to both Dairy Cattle and Sheep and Goats.

The dairy section of FarmIT 3000 is available as a separate module, which you will need to purchase separately from the main program. The module is activated by the serial number (issued by Border Software Ltd). Without an appropriate serial number all dairy menus are hidden.

The dairy module of Farm IT 3000 allows you to record milking records and analysis of milk, either globally  or against individual animals. You may then analyse the records yourself and select records for graphical analysis. It also covers the individual animals and identifies animals excluded from milking under withdrawl period.


Once activated, pig records are provided on an individual tagged animal basis, in exactly the same way as cattle and sheep, and just like cattle you may record, full vet and medical treatments, feeding, breeding, weight and movement records.

Pigs also have their own reports section, similar to cattle.


As with the Pig module Deer records work in the same way as individually recorded sheep or cattle. They have their own reports section and again you can record all details of their management.

For more information on these modules please contact us.