Features and Benefits

FarmIT 3000 is a fully integrated farm management solution designed and developed by Border Software Ltd. The software has been developed over the last ten years and continues to be improved as Border Software, our customers, or the goverment identify requirements.

Border Software Ltd has been in existence since September 2000, formed by Mr Martin Tomkins. Martin has over 20 years experience of writing software and has worked on software systems including production systems for Landrover and BMW. FarmIT 3000 is however more than a simple program to him. He and his wife, Mandy, also have a passion for Highland cattle and Jocob sheep and are members of the Highland Cattle Club of Wales and the Jacob Sheep Society. They both have an interest in commercial and pedigree breeding and spend considerable time on the farm in a hands on role.

Whatever the future holds for farming you can be assured that Border Software and FarmIT 3000 will be there to help you keep and analyse your records.

Features and benefits of FarmIT3000

  • Keeps all mandatory Ministry records
  • Stock and breeding records including individually eartagged sheep
  • Individual field records including grasing, harvesting, etc
  • Data exchange with BCMS, SIGNET, etc
  • Planning of livestock rations, including non-organinc content
  • Organic and Farm Assured reports ready for inspection
  • Analysis of the cost of production
  • Analysis of breeding performance of sires and dams
  • Calculation of stocking rates
  • Analysis of livestock disease and mortality

FarmIT3000Gold also includes:

  • A comprehensive and fully integrated accountancy package tailored to the needs of modern farm businesses
  • Generation of invoices,ledgers and reports
  • Analysis of profit and loss
  • Reconciliation of bank and VAT details
  • Cash flow forcast
  • Contra-invoicing

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