FarmIT Manual 3Way Drafting Full EID, Sheep Weighing Crate

The Only Weigh Crate Built In the UK with integrated built in EID Reader!

Taking a slower look!

  • Two FarmIT weigh cratesOne with XR3000, other with EziWeigh7
  • Back viewCables neatly tied away!
  • EziWeigh7Tru-test EziWeigh7 display next to Agrident EID reader module
  • Two FarmIT weigh cratesone with wheel kit fitted
  • Entry door openEntry door only opens as far as the internal panel is set.
  • Tru-Test XR3000Shows weight and drafting indication
  • Pneumatic wheelPneumatic wheels are central to make moving very easy.
  • A FarmIT weigh crateWith wheel kit and Easy Weigh 7.
  • FarmIT Weigh crateSolid side doors concentrate the sheep on running forward.
  • EziWeigh7Clear weight indication and EID number picked up by Agrident reader module
  • Opening front doorThis is one of the three way drafting options. Bungees pull the door back shut and help prevent accidental opening.
  • Top viewShows possible positions of moveable internal panel. Cut down the width of the crate to fit lambs, ewes, rams.
  • Through the crateSlats on the floor help prevent slipping.
  • FloorClose up of plastic, easy clean, rot proof floor, with added slats.
Two FarmIT weigh crates1 Back view2 EziWeigh73 Two FarmIT weigh crates4 Entry door open5 Tru-Test XR30006 Pneumatic wheel7 A FarmIT weigh crate8 FarmIT Weigh crate9 EziWeigh710 Opening front door11 Top view12 Through the crate13 Floor14

Built in EID

FarmIT 3000 sheep weigh crate brings together our experience of fitting EID readers to other sheep weighing crates over the last ten years. Specifically designed to operate with an Electronic Tag Reader (EID), this crate is the first aluminium crate to have a built in antenna housed within the aluminium frame.

THE Agrident ASR550 Static EID Reader

The weigh crates are specifically designed and built to allow the use of the smaller Agrident ASR550 EID readers, thus reducing the costs of the overall weigh crate and providing reliable EID reading capability.

Why Aluminium ?

The crates are manufactured from aluminium to not only reduce the weight, but also to reduce interference with the EID equipment and they feature sliding doors, operated from handles next to the weigh head, and have removeable equipment racks to allow the removal of the electronics for storage and transport.

The displayed configuration - (left) features a Tru-test XR3000 weigh head and Tru-test MP600 loadbars, though other configurations are available.

The operator has easy access to all the gate handles for easy manual drafting and access to the Tru-Test XR3000 mounted on the equipment rack along side the EID reader. The reader antenna is built into the weigh crate and therefore out of sight and resistant to damage.

Featured Weigh Crate

FarmIT3000 Weigh Crate
Agrident ASR550 EID Reader Module
TruTest MP600 Loadbars
TruTest XR3000 Weigh Head

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