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Does FarmIT3000 run on windows 10?

Yes - FarmIT3000 will run on all Microsoft Operating systems from Windows 98 Second edition including Windows 10

Is FarmIT Mobile available on its own

No - because FarmIT Mobile is designed to directly interface with the main FarmIT 3000 software it is not available on its own. It is however FREE when purchased with the main software.

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Can you upgrade me from my existing farm management software

In most cases the answer is yes. There is normally a way to get the data out in a meaning full manor and FarmIT3000 has lots of import routine to get it in. If in doubt though let us try we will not charge you for the service.

Do you talk to Tru-Test Weigh heads

Yes - we support the full range of Tru-Test weigh heads, please see the weighing section under sheep or cattle

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Do you have a Mobile interface

Yes - FarmIt Mobile is windows mobile based software which directly interfaces with FarmIT 3000 in the office. FarmIT Mobile is designed to run on a Psion Workabout Pro or other device for example a PDA running windows mobile software.

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Is the product being improved or likely to change

Yes, based on customer feedback we are continually improving the software. New tools are also continually being developed to aid analysis and reporting.

Does FarmIT 3000 support all EID readers

Unfortunately not. There is no standard protocol for the readers or more importantly, what the readers actually do. We therefore choose which readers to support based on how good we think they are, and how easy it is for us to work with the manufacturer.

Can the software run on Windows 7

Yes, we are committed to developing the software on all versions of windows, windows 7 is no problem, this included both 32 bit and 64 bit versions.

I don't keep sheep can I hide the information relating to sheep?

Yes you can choose to hide any of the animal catagories from the menus, reports and tree view. All the other aspects will function as normal.

Do you cater for deer?

Yes, we have a module or addon for deer the is charged separately please see call

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Do you cater for pigs?

Yes, we have a module or addon for pigs the is charged separately please see call for prices

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Do you provide training?

We can provide training. Please contact us for more information and rates. The main problem for us is the cost of travel and unfortunately that has to be met.

Can I get free training?

If you have a Welsh holding number you should be able to access some free training via Farming Connect this may include (at your request) training on FarmIT 3000. Also in Wales you may receive payment towards training if you undertake a skills shortage assessment through Lantra. If you live in England there is no obvious source of free training.

Will my copy still work if I do not pay a support fee?

Yes your version will continue to run regardless of your support status but you will not be able to receive updates.

What support would I receive?

In the first year you will receive free telephone support and access to the support section of this website and free updates. In subsequent years you will be offered the option of paying a small annual fee to maintain this support and to continue to receive to updates.

Does it work on an Apple Mac

This product does not currently work on Mac machines. However you can run FarmIT3000 on a Mac using a product call Parrallels which is basically a windows emulator for MAC

Does FarmIT3000 run on windows XP?

Yes - FarmIT3000 will run on all Microsoft Operating systems from Windows 98 Second edition

Does FarmIT3000 run on Windows 95?

No - You need at least Microsoft Windows 98 second edition.

Do I have to pay for updates and support?

The first year of updates and support is free. Subsequent years will cost £70 + VAT a year to include all updates and telephone and web-based support. There is also an advanced level upom request.

How much does it cost?

Please see the prices on the website or call us for a price on 01938 820625

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This is new feature so please bear with us. More questions will be added over time. If in the meantime you have any specific questions please contact us .

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