FarmIT Online

FarmIT Online provides a cloud based view of your FarmIT 3000 data. The FarmIT Online website provides sercure access to your data and allows you to use your FarmIT 3000 software in multiple ways.

FarmIT Online

In The Cloud - FarmIT 'Anywhere'

The FarmIT cloud provides the global hub for synchronising your PC based FarmIT 3000 data with your Mobile Phone or other devices and provides online data analysis of your recorded data via a secure portal. Accesed through a web browser the data may be viewed and analised from anywhere in the world.

Share Your Data

Share access with your VET or Farming consultant in order to reduce problems and improve productivity and profit. You may give access to others to view your online data. They will need a FarmIT Online account and need to be given acces by us.

Use Your Phone

Use your Android phone to run the FarmIT Mobile App allowing you to record you farm data whilst out and about, Sync your FarmIT Mobile with the online server and seamlessly transfer that into you FarmIT Database in your office. With G3$ access you can even use your phone to monitor your data online.

Synchronise Multiple PC's

Your desktop based FarmIT 3000 Software can synchronise its records with the FarmIT Online system. Synchronisation may be both ways, up and down and requires minimal web bandwidth. Synchronisation is secure using secure socket communication. You may therefore keep multiple FarmIT 3000 local databases uptodate accross multiple PC's or physical locations..

FarmIT Online Website