FarmIT Mobile - Farm Records on the move.

FarmIT Mobile is a mobile App specifically writen to run on 'Android' devices and directly interfaces with FarmIT Online and your FarmIT 3000 software in the office.

FarmIT Mobile provides full functionality for recording cattle and sheep data, including calving/lambing, vet and med, weights, grouping and movements. You can also review animal history in the field although we reserve the analysis and reporting tools for the main FarmIT 3000 program

The data is synchronised with your main FarmIT 3000 database using the FarmIT Online cloud.

The mobile software also allows the main software to be used whilst the mobile device is being used out on the farm.

FarmIT Mobile Software

Although the software will run on any Android Mobile device, it is designed for your phone.

Unfortunately FarmIT Mobile is not available without purchasing the main software and subscription to FarmIT Online, so you can not use it on its own. It is however otherwise FREE!